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Join Master Dancer Caitlin Camarda

March 16th - 20th, 2021 for the



Transform your dancing in just 5 days
(PLUS it's totally free!)


Starting Tuesday March 16th, you'll get a daily prompt via email during the days of the challenge with actionable exercises.


Tune into LIVE Coachings with Caitlin from anywhere! Learn while you're at home, in the studio or wherever you have an internet connection.


EXCLUSIVE Prize for the dancers active inside the Challenge!

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:: In an announcer's voice :: "And now, we welcome to the dance floor... YOU!!"

- enthusiastic applause -

I doubt you've had the kind of upbringing I've had - being brought up in the dance world since the womb. You think that if you had only started when you were young, your skills would be deserving of a '10' from Carrie-Ann, Len & Bruno!

And despite years of taking lessons, you still can't quite dance as freely and perform with the best of them. Well I'm here to tell you, it's all about how you prepare for a performance.

This is why you should join me, Caitlin Camarda -

for my 5 day Ballroom Pro Challenge!

You see, in my 25+ years dancing my little heart out - I've been able to pinpoint EXACTLY what separates the 'good' dancers from others. It's all about how they prepare their practice.


Commit to me for only 5 days and I'll show you how!

Just give me 1 hour a day to show you what it takes be a master dancer.

Our focus? To set you on a path towards your greatest dancing self.

When: Tuesday March 16th - Saturday March 20th, 2021

Where: In the virtual world! In your inbox and inside my Facebook Page

Who: You, me + other dancers from around the world ready  to blossom their inner dancer.

Who: Zero. Zip. Nada. Seriously - all free baby!

Why: Because I believe in you and your desire to be a better dancer.  I want you to dance your heart out in a big way! It's so you can finally answer that call that made you want to dance in the first place.

What: Here's a day to day breakdown of what we'll do -


Get clarity on where to focus your time and energy to make the greatest impact on your dancing.


Embody the dance by breaking down the story behind the music and choreography.


Gain true connection to your body movements and your partner.


Look and feel like a natural on the dance floor by adding to your routine the necessary actions.


Give yourself the fuel you need to accomplish your goals, win competitions and be the favorite on the floor.


For those playing hard in the Challenge (Following the prompts and posting on my Page) will be invited for an exclusive 1:1 Coaching.

Here's how it'll go down:

STEP 1: Beginning Tuesday March 16th the challenge begins and runs through Saturday March 20th. You'll be receiving the daily action prompts via email, so make sure you're signed up to receive them!

STEP 2: That Tuesday through Saturday you'll receive a daily action prompt so that you can further cultivate your dancing. Do it with a partner or friend if you'd like! Simply share the link to this page.

STEP 3: Also, you'll be invited to the Facebook Live Coaching Sessions with that day's challenge in the spotlight on my Facebook Page - So make sure you've Liked the page.

STEP 4: Be active in the FB Page and Join me in the LIVE Sessions. We only have 5 days together and I want to make sure you get the most out of it!

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