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Caitlin Camarda presents...

How to Perform fearlessly in Competition

Without being a Professional Dancer

free Online workshop


"Let your passion for dance shine in your performance" - Caitlin Camarda

What you will discover:

1. The ONE mindset shift that’ll move you from doubting your ability to stepping onto the dance floor confidently. (This shift will automatically motivate you to stay in action and be consistent. I give you this exercise in the training so you can apply it immediately!)

2. The 5 facets of dance you NEED to know to master your technique fast (and no other dance teacher is telling you about).


3. The 4 building blocks to prepare for a performance (this method takes away any anxiety and jitters before a show, leaving you feeling calm and ready for your moment in the spotlight)


4. The 3 focuses that give you the confidence you need to stop doubting yourself and look like you know what you’re doing (this is exactly what makes professionals dancers captivating to watch)

what students have said...

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- Mary S.


- Kathy F.


- Shirley S.


- Denise N.

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