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Are online lessons really worth it?

Remember when everyone had to stay home during the pandemic and was getting a little antsy?

Then all these online ballroom dance programs and courses started popping up. I was excited because FINALLY had access to information and instructors I never had before! Of course I signed up for several.

I’ve since stopped using all but two. And I barely use the ones I’m still subscribed to.

In my online instruction experience I discovered two major things...

Firstly, I do believe that in person lessons are the BEST way to learn ANYTHING (it’s something about the belly to belly - in person energy you just can’t get from a computer screen). However, through the online realm we get to take advantage of the access of World Class Instruction that wasn’t available to us before - at least not without ‘thousands of dollars and a plane ticket’ velvet rope.

Secondly, I became unmotivated.

While I had all the intention of strapping on my shoes each week and watching the videos - I just fell out of inspiration. The problem was - the instructors were just adapting the way they teach lessons in person to a computer screen and NOT adapting their style of teaching to what’s best for online. Also, while the topics were great topics - it felt too much like a generalized group class and not tailored to me and MY goals.

This is why I’ve made The Studio an online experience rather than just a regular online course. I’ve made the coaching immersive - The Studio team and I are as hands on as possible, assessing your particular goal and supporting you the whole way through.

The Studio doesn’t focus on steps and choreography (you already have your own instructor for that ;) ) - Instead the program supports you on key aspects like Conditioning, Mindset, Musicality, Storytelling through dance AND is motivational while holding you accountable to your goals.

How are you going to stay motivated in 2021? Pandemic or not, do you have bad habits in dance you’d like to overcome once in for all? The next time you perform, do you want to step onto the floor with confidence and not overwhelm? Comment below and let me know. The Studio 2021 enrollment closes Tuesday November 17th, 2020 - Click Here to claim your spot.

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