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Are you THIS student?

You're passionate about dance...

  • You're committed to your weekly lessons and dance is an integrated part of your daily life.​

  • ​You've seen the improvement in your dancing and understand you're on the road to mastery.

  • ​You love dancing so much you even practice during breaks at work and even while you're at the grocery store and in line at the bank!

There's just one problem...

You're still unsure if you're doing it 'right'

and are constantly self conscious.

  • You find yourself extremely reliant on your instructor to show you what to do and aren't confident in practicing alone.

  • You're overwhelmed at times because there's SO MUCH to learn with dance and get frustrated with yourself when you have to be told the same thing over and over.

  • You see other amazing dancers and envy their style - and question if they were just born with that ability.

Which makes you wonder, "Will I EVER get this?!"

From my 15+ years of of working with students,

I know that you want to…

  • Stop second guessing your ability & start expressing yourself​

  • BE the favorite on the dance floor... even WIN a competition

  • ​Have your skill level match what inspired you to dance in the first place

  • ​Get out of your head and connect with your dance partner

You want to be your best dancing self because dance makes you feel amazing! You know that practice is essential to improving and preparing yourself for performance. HOWEVER what you might NOT know is that quality dancing doesn’t come from the MACRO movements of steps, patterns and arm styling.

Pro dancers know how to connect the MICRO triggers in the body to initiate movement and understand what the music and their partner need from them.

It’s about understanding the rules of dancing so you can

break ‘em and create ‘em to express yourself.

Imagine walking onto the dance floor and all eyes shift to you,

and instead of freaking out -

your head's held high,

you're in control,

you feel align with your partner,

you embrace the music,

and you look good.

Not the "ohh you did a nice job" kind of good -

It's the "ohh my - I couldn't take my eyes off of you!", kind of good!

This isn't magic - this is preparation.

Become prepared to handle anything your coach might throw at you.

Because when you practice the right things,

it doesn't just make it perfect -

it makes you pro.

This is exactly the type of result you get from working with The Studio.

The Studio is the ONLY coaching program designed to give you the support and skills you NEED to express yourself on the dance floor -


Hint: The cost for the type of access and coaching we provide is only a small fraction of what any another studio would charge

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