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Do you have the right ingredients?

I finally decided to try a recipe from my favorite food blogger this past weekend -

SUCCESS!! Who knew ‘Caitlin’s Ristorante’ deserved a spot on Opentable?

I felt so motivated by my Italian husband Nicola’s approval - I tried 4 more recipes (which included an espresso martini that was to die for).

Sunday night, I realized I didn’t have the right type of lettuce or style of scallop to make a stunning Scallop Caesar Salad - but I had another type of lettuce and some smaller scallops… so I just thought “Ehh… that’ll be good enough”.

It turned out o.k.



Nicola even invented a word (not English or Italian) to describe it. It was not flattering.

I made a mental note that specific ingredients DO matter. It’s not tom-ato, tom-ahto.

It’s the little things, and the quality of those little things that make up the quality of the whole.

From years of dancing and teaching, I’ve seen what creates an excellent dancer. It’s not the steps or choreography - it’s the quality of their movement (ingredients) that makes the dance choreography (recipe) applause worthy.

It’s why professionals work on their basics so much - each action makes up the whole.

Now you.

Do you think working on technique is important?

When’s it okay to have the quality be ‘good enough’ but not 5 star?

Talk to me in a comment below!

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