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The WORST I've ever felt while dancing

I’m still haunted by the WORST feeling I’ve ever felt while dancing.

Years ago, I was competing with my pro partner and we opened up to the crowd - I fixed my eyes on a woman in the front, I smiled at her and got ready to perform to her.

Problem was - she wouldn’t look at me. I’m RIGHT in front of her but she kept her eyes some other couple on the floor. 

I’m pretty sure my smile dimmed at that moment. My inner entertainer feeds off the audience's delight in my dancing - my inner showgirl was crushed. 

I was left thinking “am I bad?”.

Maybe you’re an entertainer type like me (and even if you’re not), one thing’s for certain… you don’t want to be embarrassed on the dance floor. 

Forgetting steps, looking awkward, feeling confused, wondering if that was really your ‘best’...

You want to feel confident when you’re in front of the crowd. To watch your dance videos and be impressed with how good you look. To walk on the floor KNOWING you’re going to dance well.

Well I’m here to tell you, you’re totally capable of that! It’s time to become the dancer that you want to be.

Join me and hundreds of dancer’s globally for the Dancer In You Challenge - 5 days of FREE dance training for spotlight worthy dancing!

So far, I’ve helped hundreds of dancers globally become more confident on the dance floor.

Now it’s your turn.

Sign up now and join me when we go live on July 24th. See you there! Caitlin

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