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What it takes to look good on the dance floor


I looked like a total ragamuffin on the dance floor.

This was early in my pro career... My fake eyelash was lifting off the lid, my updo fell out mid-Swing, my big toe popped out of my fishnets, and I missed a spot in my spray tan - so I flashed onlookers with a white underarm.

I've always seen the effortlessly beautiful, polished pros radiate on the floor.

Were they perrrfectly polished? To the nines!

Was it effortless? Not in the slightest.

I always thought they were just naturally movie star beautiful!

I learned that the magic the pros have is they spend an incredible amount of effort to LOOK LIKE it takes them no effort at all. It's the dancer slight-of-hand.

It actually takes a tremendous amount of GRIT to have GRACE

I'm talkin' sweat dripping down your brow. Glue in your eye AND your hair. Smelling like chemicals from tanner.. and those are the more pleasant aspects of dancer life!

Nobody buys tickets to see the schleppy work horse, they want the show pony.

I just wanted you to know that the hard work you put into your dancing isn't just part of the process - it IS the process.

Do you ever feel like it should be easier? Are you surprised at how much effort goes into looking effortless? Do you have any ragamuffin stories? Comment below and tell me about it.

Peace, Love & Dancing,


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